Wild birds, like the sun, the moon, and the stars, are a presence in the lives of every one of the 6.8 billion human inhabitants of this earth.

For most, the presence of birds is ephemeral – at the periphery of human awareness. For others, birds are a harbinger of food. For some, birds are curiosities - their presence inspiring a momentary pause in the rhythms of life. And for a few, birds are a variegated passion. 

As a photographer my passion for birds is visual – I am in thrall to the forms, textures, colors, and patterns that have evolved in our feathered cousins. Discovering that I have captured all of this in one of my images is more than sufficient compensation for the many hours spent cold, wet, and insect-bitten.

As you look at my images take note of the details – the remarkable variety of sizes, shapes, and functions of the feathers; the sometimes subtle, sometimes gaudy colors – created not just by pigment but also by prism-like structures within the feathers; the texture of the bill and skin. Look in these details for the story behind the image.

And please, look at the eye. It is the eye upon which I focus my camera - and my fascination.