Photographer's Statement..摄影师的声明



Wild birds, like the sun, the moon, and the stars, are present in the lives of every one of the 6.8 billion human inhabitants of this earth.

Most people's experience of birds is ephemeral – at the periphery of their awareness. For native Alaskans, gulls and other seabirds are important in the search for food, circling over large schools of fish. For some, they are small treasures - their presence inspiring a momentary pause in the rhythms of life. And for a few, birds are a passion. 

As a photographer my passion for birds is visual. Discovering that I have captured all of their beauty in one of my images is more than sufficient compensation for the many hours spent cold, wet, and insect-bitten.

As you look at my photographs, take note of the details – the remarkable variety of sizes, shapes, and functions of the feathers; the sometimes subtle, sometimes gaudy colors – created not just by pigment but also by refraction and interference within the feathers.

And please, look at the eye. It is the eye upon which I focus my camera - and my fascination.



在大多数人的经历中,野生鸟类如昙花一现,围绕在他们意识的周边。对阿拉斯加州的原住民来说,鸥和其他的海鸟在寻找食物的方面是很重要的,它们盘旋在大鱼群上方。 对一些人来说,鸟类是一种微小奇珍异宝, 它们的存在使生命节奏产生了暂时的停顿。 对少数人而言,鸟类是一个激情。 


当你看我照片的时候,请注意细节 — 很多种羽毛的形状、大小和功用 — 丰富多彩的羽毛,有时候是微妙的,有时候是花哨的 — 一些颜色是通过色素形成的,然而结构色是通过折射和干涉作用形成的。




Jim Dunn